It’s been three years since we did, ” Unleashed 2″. We knew that a third series had to be more dangerous and unforgettable for our audience; so, we decided to shoot two models for this editorial shoot. We knew this shoot would leave a lasting impression on the audience, when you mix fashion, lingerie with two dangerous, sexy Ihof Chic Models with no restraints, which meant their creativity was more than a model mood board. Their sexiness was a weapon meant to be photograph with music and angles that would leave you speechless. They didn’t listen to anybody on the set of the shoot, so they unleash their beauty on the world, and to be honest we were excited about their decision. We made bold choices with the makeup and wardrobe to live up to the name, ” Unleashed 3″. The location of the shoot set the tone with diamond architectural walls from Lucilee Studios located in Mayaguez Puerto Rico. We wanted to find out why these women wanted to be a part of this editorial, so we interview both of them for this editorial. The clothing was sponsor by international House of Fedoras Boutique& Spa.

  1. What does the word unleashed mean to you?

“Unleashed” to me, means being uncaged and set-free from a world that tries to limit you by any means necessary; to act and just be your true self, with no filter. My alter ego Kat is definitely my “unleased” persona…she a bad gal!

Ah man…this question…Who Am I? I’m not sure…and only cause there’s endless ways I could explain who I am, because “Kiara” is always changing. But I like to believe “Kiara” is a strong, resilient, loving and nurturing but also bossy, sometimes b****y woman (ha-ha). I relate fashion to my everyday life, in the way that sometimes can be a bit chaotic but still well put-together…which explains a Capricorn pretty well (ha-ha). Just keep swimming! No, but seriously sometimes my clothes can be a bit loud, but it always ends up looking great, in my opinion ^-^.

I feel so empowered and strong. I feel like I’m “me” …being sexy for me, myself and I, no one else. Well, I used to love being sexy for my husband as well, may he rest in peace. He was honestly a main supporter in me finding my confidence through modeling. He was SUPER loving and supportive of it all. But wearing clothes that makes me feel like a badass woman makes me feel invincible and ‘different’. Similar to the way many of us feel when we dress up for Halloween or cosplay cute anime fits for Con. It’s fun to step into your alter ego self.

I never really prep for shoots. I like to be myself whole-heartedly and sometimes Kiara can be unorganized and spontaneous. I like to give my authentic self in every moment possible; BUT I guess one major thing I love to do prior to shooting is playing a good set of music and have a freestyle dance session to get the energies flowing!

Shooting in Aguadilla was a dream come true. I love cities away from touristy areas. I love being engulfed in the culture and people of Puerto Rico. Not saying the touristy spots can’t be, but I prefer spots in Puerto Rico that remind me of where my mom and other family members have grown up. Although I’m a city girl from Brooklyn, being in Aguadilla felt like a second home. The locals were so loving and accepting. Working with Josue and Karla felt like working with friends I’ve known before. They welcomed me with open arms, were so laid back, fun-loving, and supportive. I’d love to work with them both again.

To be an IHOF Chic model means to be sexy yet classy, bold, fearless, strong and unapologetically you.

Hmmm…that’s a good one. I don’t think too far into the future. I’m more of a whatever happens next kind of gal; but I’d love to do more photoshoots and possibly even runways despite my height. I’d love to push the envelope and represent for tattooed models. I often times get overlooked on lots of gigs because of my ink. But I believe there is a wide spectrum as to what beauty is…and what I find beautiful is the skin I’m in…adorned in art and all.

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