It’s been three years since we did, ” Unleashed 2″. We knew that a third series had to be more dangerous and unforgettable for our audience; so, we decided to shoot two models for this editorial shoot. We knew this shoot would leave a lasting impression on the audience, when you mix fashion, lingerie with two dangerous, sexy Ihof Chic Models with no restraints, which meant their creativity was more than a model mood board. Their sexiness was a weapon meant to be photograph with music and angles that would leave you speechless. They didn’t listen to anybody on the set of the shoot, so they unleash their beauty on the world, and to be honest we were excited about their decision. We made bold choices with the makeup and wardrobe to live up to the name, ” Unleashed 3″. The location of the shoot set the tone with diamond architectural walls from Lucilee Studios located in Mayaguez Puerto Rico. We wanted to find out why these women wanted to be a part of this editorial, so we interview both of them for this editorial. The clothing was sponsor by international House of Fedoras Boutique& Spa.

What does the word unleashed mean to you?

I would define “Unleashed” as the means to remove all restrictions and to fully express yourself; the freedom to express your beauty without any shame or guilt or hesitation.

What can we expect from you next in regard to fashion?

Expect more growth and more twists and turns, more experimenting with expression; beauty is a malleable entity.  Expect something different yet familiar, nevertheless always beautiful and true to me.

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