Embrace Your Beauty (Yaritza Padilla)

Don't call it a comeback with this fierce beauty from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Yaritza has been spreading her wings with different projects, so we were excited to have her back in front of the camera where she is a natural. Yaritza has always been a woman with strong values, so when she agreed to comeback and shoot this editorial along with her interview; It was something special to witness this shoot in the beautiful city of Cabo Rojo. The architectural buildings combine with the stunning Ihof Chic model truly speaks volume about the title of this editorial, " Embrace Your Beauty" (Yaritza Padilla). We love how the burgundy gown drape and blended with architectural pieces and the way the burgundy fedora set the mood.

When Yaritza put on the split suit dress with some black sexy suede boots , everyone were speechless because we knew that we had something magical going down in the city of Cabo Rojo. We were inspired with the exposed bricks contrast with this beautiful model. We wanted the world to learn more about, Yaritza so we decided to do a interview with her so they could find out what we already know about her and that is she is special.

Interviewer: What does Embracing your beauty mean to you?

Interviewee: Embracing your beauty means to love myself with my flaws. Beauty in and out. Beautiful soul and positive mind.

Interviewer: What motivates you to move forward with modeling?

Interviewee: What motivates me to move forward with modeling is helping younger women embrace their beauty and self-confidence. Bring positivity and I do enjoy what I do.

Interviewer: What are your career goals?

Interviewee: My career goals is to keep growing within the modeling industry and learn new techniques to continue expanding.

Interviewer: Who is Yaritza?

Interviewee: I am passionate about my work. Ambitious and driven. Funny and outgoing. A mother, a daughter, a Warrior!

Interviewer: What is a couple of things that you want everyone to know about the beautiful Puerto Rico?

Interviewee: The beautiful island of Puerto Rico has so much to offer. Great food, good music & beautiful people. The clear blue water at the beaches, palm trees with coconuts ready to sip on. The icy cold water our rivers offer. The smell of fresh cut grass in the morning and the warm weather. The perfect place to vacation.


Photography: @josuematosphotographer

Wardrobe & Styled by: @ihoffedoras

IHOF CHIC MODEL: @yarirawr

Makeup artist: @karla_lucille

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