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Embrace Your Beauty (Brandi Chun)

I am an artist who uses dance and music to express and create so I may connect with people around the world. Born and raised on Oahu, HI, I am deep rooted in nature and love the ocean

Interviewer : Who is Brandi Chun?
I am an artist who uses dance and music to express and create so I may connect with people around the world. Born and raised on Oahu, HI, I am deep rooted in nature and love the ocean. My ethnicities are Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Hawaiian. I am a leader, devoted dog mom, avid Anime watcher and world traveler who’s constantly learning and being inspired by others to evolve into the woman I aspire to be going into my 30’s.

Interviewer: How did she get involved with dancing?
My mom put me in Hula and a movement class when I was in preschool. Apparently I chose dance over Hula because I said, “it was too slow” and that was the beginning of something that would become my life long passion and career; up until the age of 18, I trained at 24-7 -Danceforce Studio under the direction of Marcelo Pacleb and discovered my love for teaching and choreographing as well because of him. I moved to LA straight after graduating to pursue my dreams of becoming a professional dancer.

Interviewer: Why is teaching the art of dance mean so much to you?

Interviewee: Dance is a universal language that has allowed me to find a genuine connection with a lot of amazing individuals. I am not the best at expressing myself through words so showing it through movement has always been easier. It is an art form that I have poured my whole heart and soul into for so many years that it feels selfish to keep what I’ve learned all to myself.

Interviewer: What goes into your mind when you create dance visuals?

Interviewee: It usually starts when I hear a song and I instantly get a feeling or visual aesthetic that comes to mind. I bump the music in my car while I’m driving and that is where I get a lot of ideas that continue to build upon this one seed. A lot of times I like to live my best artist life and often imagine it like a music video or stage performance. 

Interviewer: What does Embracing your beauty mean to you?

Interviewee: Embracing my beauty means loving who I am and the path I’ve traveled to get here. 
I’ve only begun to truly embrace my beauty over the past couple of years. Being a part of such a competitive industry really takes a toll on how you view yourself and I was always comparing myself to others. Now that I am older I don’t waste time comparing anymore because I have spent quality time alone and am grateful for the experiences who made me the woman I am. I spend more time reconnecting with my culture and people who have been a big influence over me and my artistry over the years. Taking time to notice beauty in others and uplift them helps me embrace mine every day.

Interviewer: Do you see yourself modeling more in the future?
Interviewee: Yes, I would love to model more in the future. I love when a full look comes together with the outfit, makeup and hair. It’s very empowering to make a statement this way. 

Interviewer: What new projects can we expect from Brandi Chun?

Interviewee: I am constantly getting inspiration for new visuals and have a list of ones that I am going to put out. I’ve also been working on putting together a program that’s more specific to my movement and usage of props that I would love to do in person when we open back up.

Interviewer: There are a lot of young ladies that want to be a professional dancer/choreographer so what advice would you give them? 

Interviewee: advice to these aspiring young ladies is to just go for it! Be unapologetically yourself when making a statement because people are attracted to authenticity. I always take time to try and connect with people on a professional and personal level. Be confident in who you are but, always stay humble and learn from others. We are all human and art is a great way for us to communicate and inspire the rest of the world. 


Wardrobe & Styled by: @ihoffedoras

Model: @brandichun

Photographer: @camillecruz808

Photographer: @cory_ida

Videographer: @helelomedia

Makeup & Hairstylist: @esshhaa


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