Night Cocktails ( Birmingham)

We wanted to celebrate women who loved to feel sexy when they prepare to go out on the town or stay at home with a soulful cocktail and some engaging music. You must understand night cocktails are special, because they set the mood of the evening! We wanted to capture women expressing themselves with a night cocktail; so we decided to create a photography series with Ihof Chic Models showing how women love to feel sexy with a Night Cocktail! Would you have a night cocktail then get dressed up just to feel sexy? How would you define being sexy if you stayed at home? We love how we got this series started with the stunning model, Rosaly in Birmingham, Alabama.

In case you didn’t notice, this woman wanted to wear a sexy 2 piece along with other styles from the international house of fedoras ; then as the night moves along, she decided to slip into two teddy lingerie pieces with thigh-high boots that made her cocktail night that more magical along with a fierce wide brim, This Ihof Chic Model was feeling powerful throughout her time in front of the camera. We knew there was something special happening that night with her and those night cocktails. As the evening was heating up the, Ihof Chic Model, Rosaly decided that she had to walk on her balcony rocking a dress from fashion nova and heels from International house of fedoras boutique.


Wardrobe style : @ihoffedoras

Photographer: @photography_byreggie56

Ihof Chic Model: @alirozay

Makeup Artist: @blendbeautique

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