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“My Photography Lens are New York, Ocie Clelland”

They always say you can do anything in NYC and no one looks at you sideways. Why not take some pictures in the streets of NYC.

I know a lot of people are asking, why the title? Its very simple for me. I love New York and the character of the streets in this majestic city, so my lens is my way of expressing my creativity for my love of photography.

Question 1: What prompted you to start photography?

Traveling is what prompted me. I was in the Marines and ended up in Okinawa as my first duty station. I just knew I couldn’t be all the way there and not document my time there. That’s what started me. Once I got back to the US I was stationed in beautiful and scenic San Diego. Another place I had to document. Once I got back here to NYC the rise of smartphones prompted me to continue. In 2012 I did get my first camera and started taking pictures of the damage in my area done by Hurricane Sandy. Those pics eventually ended up on a news website and from there I’ve never looked back.

Question 2: What inspires you to shoot in the streets?

They always say you can do anything in NYC and no one looks at  you sideways. Why not take some pictures in the streets of NYC. It’s free. We’ve got great and unique scenery out there. It’s also everywhere you go so why not photography people there.

Question 3: As a photographer do you help your model with posing?  If so why?

Whenever I need to, I do. Sometimes I may be looking for something specific. A certain pose or look. It’s also a great way to learn.

Question 4: What is your most accomplished shoot to date?

Shooting at The International Beauty Show. My pictures of special effects makeup models ended up in a couple of different magazines and it was the first time I got published so that was interesting.

Question 5: How do you select your models?

Intuition. There’s always this indescribable feeling I get when I see a picture. A feel I get. It’s a “you need to shoot with her” feeling. I usually give it a week or so and if I still get that feeling then I follow it.

Question 6: How does it feel when you select an amateur model and you and her deliver a masterpiece?

Now that is a super cool feeling. When we both look at an image and just get those chills and just know that you have something special.  It’s cool when I get a request to have  an image reposted on someone’s feed or a request by other models and/or designers to shoot with them. Yeah, definitely a good feeling when you deliver a “masterpiece”.

Question 7: What is next for your photography?

I definitely wanna keep learning and trying new things. As a photographer it’s important to stay current. To be creative. Think outside the box. That’s what I’ve always tried to do. I definitely have some new things I want to try and I just plan to keep working and pushing to be better.




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