Embrace your Beauty (Arden Rey)

Chicago is the largest city in the state of IL, and the third largest city in the United States; so to find this intelligent, fierce and powerful dancer in New York was a gift. We knew we had to interview her and schedule a photo-shoot with her because she simply lit her the room with that amazing smile and her smooth dance moves that had everyone mesmerize so much that the choreographer, Ysabelle Capitule called her out for a solo.

Her movements were like water, and her natural beauty was undeniable. We knew that her interview would be special along with her photo-shoot in New York.

Where are you from?
I am from Chicago, IL. Born and raised!

When did you know dance was a part of you?
I honestly knew at the young age of 4 yrs old. However, I didn’t
decide to pursue dance as a career until I was 19 years old.

Who is Arden Rey?
A renaissance woman! Born and raised in Chicago, IL and
eventually relocating to New York City, Arden Rey has always tried to
dabble in all aspects of life. She has a BA in music. Arden Rey has gained
exceptional experience not only working behind the scenes in the music
industry, but she has also performed on various stages using her
discretionary concealed vocal talents; although she is a performer of various
talents, she is always looking for ways to expand on her talents and is
determined to accomplish all that she sets her mind to.

How does music make you feel when you dance?
Music helps me feel understood. Dance is a universal language
therefore, when I dance I am able to communicate and connect with
people I may not usually be able to hold a conversation with.

What does fitness and being healthy mean to you?
As of recently, both of these have become very important to me in
different ways; although, I’ve always had a love for running and of
course dance, I’ve recently come across a new found love for fitness
in other activities such as pole fitness & Aerial.
In order to be able to
practice my new hobbies I have to make sure my body is well taken care
of inside and out; therefore, I’ve begun cooking the majority of my
meals as well as implementing a regular fitness routine that allows me to
care for myself better than I ever have before.

Did you know you’re seen as a beautiful and fierce model ?
As someone who grew up looking to inspirational black women
who were deemed unconventional models such as Tatyana Ali, Nia
Long, Jada Pinkett Smith. I’ve always aspired to follow their leads, so
this means a lot!

I’m ending this interview in protest! I didn’t want it to end, but we knew Arden schedule was busy. I feel like we have to come back with another Embrace your Beauty campaign with this intelligent, beautiful and gifted woman. Tell us if we need to do another campaign with, Arden Rey?



Model: @Arden_rey

Wardrobe: @ihoffedoras

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