Loreal facial expression made everyone nervous, because we never seen her look so fierce.

She was not coming to this shoot with good intentions. We knew something was dangerously wrong with the choice words being used from her, as she tried on the sexy robes and lingerie pieces from We heard laughter and music playing like we were in a downtown club; we felt something brewing in that dressing room! We were not prepared on how she walk out of the dressing room; her legs moved like a robot with muscles forming from her calves, and the way the robe fit on her was special. Loreal facial expression made everyone nervous, because we never seen her look so fierce and determined.

We wasn’t sure what to make of her transformation, but once the lights and camera were on she had bad intentions with the photographer and the lingerie pieces. We were on edge with her because the movements she portrayed in the clothing were powerful yet graceful. I never seen her so aggressive on a shoot before, but we didn’t stop shooting because her shots were sexy and ferocious. It was a marriage and neither the clothing, or the model wanted to be separated from each other. It was obvious that her intentions were aggressive because when the music came on she was in charge of every movement without the photographer or crew not having to say a word where she needed be or how she should pose.

Bad intentions is define as malicious, ill-intentioned or criticism that was meant more to hurt than help. In the fashion world we knew Loreal love working with us so she had to have a grudge against the camera, so that her pictures would be stunning. Let us know what you think about this editorial by leaving a comment and be sure to follow us for more engaging stories.


Photographer: @reg8611

Wardrobe: @ihoffedoras

Model: @loreal2389

Model Company: @ihofcz


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