Embrace your Beauty (Bidisa)

She attack the photo-shoot with a sense of urgency.

Why is this title is so important? We believe it’s important because Bidisa acknowledge her inner beauty, and outer beauty as a sign of strength. We knew the shoot was going to be special, because she lit up the room by the way she look in the hosiery from @ihoffedoras. She attack the photo-shoot with a sense of urgency. We knew then that she truly Embrace her Beauty at that moment, because every shot was special. Her leg positions help elevate the hosieries in a special way, and the way she respected the fedora gave chills to everyone.

We felt the connection between the photographer and the IHOF-CHIC-MODEL, Bidisa so we continue to shoot more images throughout the evening. It was apparent to us that we had something real special. The clothing from @ihoffedoras, and fashion nova created an exceptional shoot that connected with the overall theme. The makeup look on the model was exceptional, and brought out her strong features. This Indian model is a force and she continues to create great images that capture the emotions of the shoot. What’s next for this model? We can only imagined whatever it is she will be ready for the moment.

Interview with Bidisa

What does inner beauty mean to you?

Inner beauty means being kind and generous to others. How you are on the inside reflects how you are perceived on the outside. Being an actively good person with positive intentions are examples of inner beauty traits that make a person beautiful. Having a heart of gold makes someone way more beautiful than a person who is mean.

When did you know that modeling was something that you could do?

I had always been interested in modeling since I can remember! I didn’t know it was something realistic for me until Steve from IHOF approached me. He gave me the confidence to know I could be a model and achieve my dreams. Since then, I have only grown!

What does Embrace Your Beauty mean to you?

Embrace your beauty means that every woman should embrace their own image. There is no one specific standard for beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own, unique way. Accepting one’s flaws can be difficult in a time when people feel pressured to look a certain type of way. Embracing your beauty is appreciating the imperfections that make everyone different.

What inspires a woman like you?

My family and friends inspire me to be the best version of myself and strive for the best. I want to help others and help change the world for the better. The opportunity to make a difference inspires me to continue my journey and keep a positive outlook.

What do you love about wearing fedoras and hosiery?

I love the way the fedoras make me feel powerful and like a boss. The hosieries are sexy, without being too risqué. They make you feel confident and ready to take on the world.


Photographer: @photography_byreggie56

Creative Direction and Stylist: @ihoffedoras


Model: IHOF-CHIC MODEL -@bidisaaa

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