Beauty Fashion

Deadly and Cocky

this ihof-chic-model had the room nervous with her striking eyes and fierce athletic physique when she enter our set.

I know what you all are thinking, and I must admit she is every bit of her title! Usually we will exaggerate about this title to score some points, but we simply didn’t need to do that, because this ihof-chic-model had the room nervous with her striking eyes and fierce athletic physique when she enter our set. What was obvious to everyone was this shoot would simply be dangerous and exciting in many ways. The model came out in a striking fitted bodysuit from @ihoffedoras that complimented her deadly curves, and right then we knew we had to just let her do things her way. It was a great decision by us, because she delivered some dangerous and cocky pictures.

We love how her cockiness was not harsh but more about her confidence to deliver in pressure situations. She engaged with us ; throughout, the entire shoot and it definitely was a great experience. You see most people confuse cocky with being selfish, and this model was none of that. You will find out a little more about her with the interview.

We shot her earlier that month with some swimwear from @ihoffedoras, and that shoot help seal the deal with this title in our opinion, because she is deadly with her looks and cocky with her physique. I honestly like how self-confident she was during the shoot. She definitely will be modeling again soon.

Q: What does creative mean to you?

Creative from my perspective means to be your own person and do what you feeling comfortable with. Try new things, even if they seem different or out the ordinary

Q: What are you passionate about?

I’m most passionate about having fun with everything I do. I enjoy the little things. The moments that I will remember mean the most to me.

Q: What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is what is inside of you. How you carry yourself and how you react to certain situations. “ Beauty” isn’t just about having a pretty face, it’s about who you are on the inside.

Q: What does modeling do for you?

Modeling gives me a peace of mind. It makes me calm and collected, and it’s my go to place when I’m not feeling like myself.

Q: What does Deadly and Cocky mean to you?

I know my worth and I know that I can achieve whatever I put mind into! I’m a go get er!


Photographer: @reg8611

Wardrobe: @ihoffedoras

Model: @maddi.mye

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