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A Woman’s Flow of Beauty

You see her flow of beauty wasn't just with her looks but also with her way with words; We understood why she was chosen!

We knew this shoot ,flow of beauty had risen to a special place so we decided to interview this gorgeous and intelligent model, and her answers were just as beautiful as she; we know we have to work with her again. You see her flow of beauty wasn’t just with her looks but also with her way with words; We understood why she was chosen! Her infectious eyes were a match for shoot.

Q:What does creative mean to you?
Creative means New
Creative means to use your imagination to come up with a new idea and using an artistic ability to execute it

Q:Why do you feel that you’re ready? This is open for broad interpretations Well I’m what I feel.
I feel ready so there go I am . For me they are one in the same .So my why is because I am ready , ready for what? , ready for anything and everything .

Q:What are you passionate about?

Helping people
Being the youngest out of five I was the one to call for when you needed an extra pair of hands or someone to vent to and I loved it
I love being able to help people out according to their situation whether it is giving advice to someone or giving someone a ride . Just being able to make someone day a little easier , a little better is what I live for.
It’s amazing what a small act of kindness can do!

Q:What does beauty mean to you?

Ooh that’s a hard one
Well to understand what beauty means to me you have to first understand what beauty is , beauty is a combination of qualities that pleases the senses
So you take that meaning and expand it
Now that its expanded beauty has a deeper meaning it isn’t just something that’s nice on the eyes or pleases the senses its much more. Beauty is a hidden story and everything that has beauty has a beginning, middle ,and end and that’s why to me a painting is just as beautiful as the paintbrush that painted it . The painting being a beautiful end result to the hundreds of brushstrokes that were made upon a blank canvas

Q:What does modeling do for you?

Modeling gives me a sense of creative freedom.
I enjoy every aspect of modeling
From working with different photographers and wearing new things all the way to posing at different locations. Each aspect has endless possibilities of change


Wardrobe: @ihoffedoras

Photographer: @reg8611

Model: @alirozay

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