We knew it was something different about this model and the way the fedoras and brims gravitated to her gorgeous looks.

What does Casanova Sexy mean? It means to have many lovers. Yes, in this case this stunning model has many lovers and they are called ,”fedoras and brims”. We knew it was something unique about this model, because it seem like the fedoras and brims gravitated to her gorgeous looks and smile. We knew that it was going to be a problem on the set with other models wearing these fedoras and brims, so we decided to let this ihof chic model have her way with these accessories, because we all witness how they responded to her beauty.

We knew we had something special with this model, so we decided that these were her brims and fedoras. The stylist paired the hats with stunning accessories like ascots and cravats from fedora boutique. The stylist also styled the brims and fedoras with fitted jeans and blazers which were styled by, fedora cuff-links. We knew going into this shoot that this was going to be a dangerous shoot with this model, because it was very hard to do just one shoot with her.

As a result, we decided to shoot her with a stunning red dress and luxury satin robe with lace trimming from fedora boutique. We knew the brims and fedoras were attracted to this model, but we soon found out that they these pieces were attracted to her as well. You see Casanova is not always about seducing peope, instead it could be the opposite in the fashion world. Sometimes the clothes speak to the person and tonight it was evident that Casanova Sexy was the x-factor! Why is this true? You asked…stay tuned for those answers.

It is no secret that brims ,fedoras, luxury robes and hosiery have a love affair with women. Year after year we have notice this to be true with all of the designs and colors that have been seen on women bodies. Embrace the beauty is really the only thing left to do for these items, and the women know it. Casanova part 2 will be our follow up with more answers. In the meantime try on fedora , brim or a sexy robe and let us know if it speaks to you.

The beautiful stunning makeup on our model was created by celebrity makeup artist @bluartistry and her fantastic cosmetic line @bluartistrycosmetics which is a breath of fresh air.


Styling: Fedora Cuff-links

Model: @Shan_tique

Photographer: @reg8611

Wardrobe: @ihoffedoras

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  1. Love love love this..She is stunning! Sporting that fedora honestly received.. (I) Her mother wear them all the time. PERFECT!!

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