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Her light has overcome the darkness and it was at that moment we decided that "Unleashed" Part 2 had to come out, so that world would know her beauty is just like her island of Puerto Rico, " Unforgettable"

Everything and Everyone can’t be Unleashed!

We told you all that she was unapologetic about modeling, now its time to understand why. She has heard the rumors about her island is so small and don’t feel like models really can make it from Puerto Rico. So she decided to prove the naysayers wrong by shooting these powerful images from photographer @josuematosphotographer, which are stunning.The stunning pieces that were chose for the shoot were beautiful. The lace material really look beautiful on her figure. You definitely can tell that this model was serious about her craft and informing the world that she is ready to explode in the fashion world!

We know that she is a top notch model, and we were very lucky to get her for this editorial. We know that she is not a secret anymore, and because of ” Unleashed” Part 2 we expect to see more work from this stunning model. You see when you’ve a work ethic and stamina to be in front of a camera for 8 hours or more and you informed the team that you wish you could shoot more;then you understand why she is special and dangerous! Why did we choose this topic for her? Our answer was easy… She wanted to be taken serious and you could see it in her work and her ability to adapt to any environment she was in. What is next for her and the team? ” Fedora Confessions”


Model: @nncv8

Styling & Wardrobe: @ihoffedoras

Photographer: @Josuematosphotographer

Makeup: @karla_lucille

Creative Direction: @fedora_nation

Location: Hacienda Dona Vianda, Rincon P.R.


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