“Vanna Luxury Secret”

What is Vanna Luxury Secret?

What is Vanna Luxury Secret? That is the question we are trying to figure out. When she stares in the mirror what is this beauty thinking about? Could it be the fact that she loves how the blue couture dress looks on her or the fact that her makeup look is flawless? We just don’t know why luxury is a secret. One thing is that we have observed from this stunning model over the years is that her thoughts are just as luxurious as any dress she has worn!

We simply can’t wait until ” Vanna Luxury Secret” is unveiled, so we are going to do our best to crack the code of these stunning pictures. Whoever can break the code of this secret will have a chance to win a sexy lingerie robe from @ihoffedoras. The one code we will give you is that this stunning model loves to do this in her spare time when the weather permits it!



Mua: @traceylennard

Asst: dani_joeg

Model: @vannavee_minitrini

Wardrobe styled:  &  @ihoffedoras

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