Crash Boat Beach

She is destined to be on a big stage.

One of the most beautiful places on the island of  Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. This historic beach was once a former military port that has left some artifacts for people around the world to come visit. That is why this stunning gem that was found on the beautiful sands of this historic place was a shock to International House of Fedoras( This beautiful model, Natalie was what we were looking for in Crash Boat Beach.

The beautiful swimsuit from @ihoffedoras looks smashing on the model along with the ankle jewelry and wrist jewelry from @ihoffedoras. The model is just as stunning as the beach itself. You can see why she was selected to model for this company on this beach. She is destined to be on a big stage. Why is she destined? The fierce look in her eyes along with her tenacious work ethic are vital signs. The ability to trained regardless of the weather is another crucial issue to show why Natalie is heading in the right direction.



Styled and Wardrobe: @ihoffedoras

Model: @nncv8



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