Elegant Curves

The desire to make yourself feel sexy by being petite is over. Sexy, Elegant, and Curves is in. To be honest, we believe curves have always been sexy and elegant. Society has always fought against curves early on, but now they are embracing a woman’s beauty no matter if she is more significant than a petite. Why has it taken so long for these stunning ladies with curves to be embraced? A trend that went wrong on so many levels. I mean we still have some work to do on the runways with designers, and fashion houses with doing a better job with hiring more women with curves on the runways in America and International. We must protest for this to happen more so that these women can be recognized more for their stunning beauty, and curves. We will make sure that we d our part by writing and publishing women with curves every chance we get! We must showcase these stunning, intelligent beauties to the world!


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