Women look Sexy in Hats!

I believe, "Women are Sexy in Hats"!

Over the years there has been a lot of hats being worn more by women to put a polish look on their outfits; which has created a mysterious and sexy look on women from around the world. From baseball caps to military toppers like the one feature at the top of the page, women are just sexier with this popular accessory. It is ironic that the name Fedora, which is a famous hat name came from a woman! So many times I’ve heard that fedoras are not sexy on women or they look like men. I will simply say to all my readers let the images above and below speak for themselves from Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico, United States, and the streets of Europe!  I believe, “Women are Sexy in Hats”!



There is no doubt that women and hats are connected and have been for centuries. I look forward to seeing what new styles of hats the designers from around the world create, and how the women incorporate them with their creative visions; whatever they do they will always look sexy and fierce.



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